Prime Consult is a modern consulting, oriented on providing comprehensive services customized to the expectations of our clients.

The team is characterized by versatility, diversity and focusing on market trends. Our experts guarnteed unique abilities and extensive experience gained through the work in the various lines of business.
In the process of preparing our materials we cooperate with the analysts, advisors, infobrokers as well as independent journalists. Our priority is that our informations contain elements that have been unnoticeable heretofore and let find our contractors new solutions.


Strategic advice

Within the framework of strategic advice we offer a comprehensive study, implementation and evaluation of strategy that will enable the company to take steps to achieve financial, market and social success.

The practical reflextion of that conception is fostering the managerial staff on the every level in particular enterprise. The services we provide allow to reliable benchmark current strategy and introduce the necessary modifications afterwards.

Market analysis

We conduct profound data reserach of current condition of our client’s company. We analyse both micro- and macro environment of business entity in which it operates. We help to better understanding and accurate assesment of mechanisms in the context of ongoing market processes. We use a wide range of intruments that we diligently select to meet the individual needs of the customers.

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Investment climate assessment (ICA)

In the process of the investment climate appraisal we are aiming to define in what way the particular investment will be profitable.

We attempt to identify potential legislation, market and political risk. Moreover, we make a competitive environment assessment.

Credibility of contractors analysis

At the use open-access sources (the so-called OSINT) we obtain and verify informations concerning the companies (economic and legal situation) that our contractors cooperate. The priority is an assessment of business partner credibility as well as minimisation the potential risk of reputational or financial damage that may arise from establishing cooperation with dishonest partner.


Business mediation

The experience gained so far and established connections allow us to provide the assistance in seeking the new business partners. We inspire our clients to build and maintain long-term relations as well as to enter into commercial exchanges with the contractors in the new markets.

Analysis Center is our own division which mission is creating reports based on a comprehensive assessment of the situation. With the use reliable sources of information, we examine the key issues that may affect the future of the energy sector. The quality and precise prediction of possible scenarios are our priorities.


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